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Things New, Yellow

I know it is fall here because now I have to wear pants when I take the dogs out first thing in the bright, yellow morning. We walk around in the new morning groggily – the intense, gold light quickly burning off the haze of blankets, snores, darkness – the puppies circling my legs and […]

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One of my most favorite and most regular of regulars at La Ventana has a ranch northwest and not far from Grants. It is gorgeous there – wide expanses, Mount Taylor in view, with giant, old cottonwoods to protect house and home – and he, his family, and all his cowboy friends (all also regulars at […]

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View from Today

I am tallest in the morning when the light melts everything into sharp, golden relief. So is everyone. The mountain looked so blue today that I thought for a moment that I was wearing polarized sunglasses. I wasn’t! – It was just deep and navy on its own. And the clouds that bruised the sky […]

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Things are mighty quiet back here after the raucous cacophony of horns, voices, laughter, music, life I left in New York City last week. But here is where the wind lives, the popping of fall grasshoppers into bushes as you go by, the scraping of gravel underfoot, the crack of a raven’s call as it splits the […]

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Sisters, Puppies, Rain, Sunshine

Those four words sum up things around here of late – in the best possible way. The weather today blew fall towards us by cool breezes that would be cold if not for bright sunshine and patches of yellow leaves. The weather today was so beautiful it made me almost want to cry for the […]

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