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Dana and Jamil

Dana is someone whose laughter is an infectious outburst of raucous zeal, whose heart is kind and wide and enthusiastic, whose curls and life are everywhere. Jamil is her perfect foil, sending serious, simmering talks into boiling roiling giggles, centering her in his big embrace. The three of us went up to the High Line […]

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It’s 2014 now. It was projected by some that it would be very good, a strong year, steadfast, even keel, full of hard work and steady habits – and hopefully this proves to be so. We’re 17 days in, and – already – it is a doozy. ┬áThe 405 hours and 40 minutes that I’ve […]

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Celebration of Simplicity

Written this morning to a friend – on another rain day – while countless thousands of drops fell and puddled over breakfast. There is something about the rain that makes it easy to prattle to you, something about the steady, falling drips that lead me to stillness and contemplation – a pause from a quiet […]

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All the Beautiful Buffalos

It is no great secret that I am a lover of many beautiful souls. People often peg me as a giver – calling me too many nice things, like kind, or generous, and open with myself and my things and my dogs and my kitchen – and it could be true, but if it is […]

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I start an internship soon with Steve McCurry’s studio in Long Island City. It will be three months of full-time go go go between commuting and photos and trying to stay afloat above city sidewalks and bobbing passerby, but I am excited. In the interim – just like everyone else in the city sea – […]

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