Dana and Jamil

Dana is someone whose laughter is an infectious outburst of raucous zeal, whose heart is kind and wide and enthusiastic, whose curls and life are everywhere. Jamil is her perfect foil, sending serious, simmering talks into boiling roiling giggles, centering her in his big embrace.

The three of us went up to the High Line one day last fall to get a few engagement photos in before the deep, long winter sent us indoors.

These two! – These two are getting married in the morning. And though it may drizzle and rain tomorrow, their bright smiles will fog my lens with their warmth. I wish all the best for them tomorrow and every day!

See you in the morning! Be well.

– Sarah

Dana + Jamil » SAWK Photography […] Dana and Jamil were married last month out in New Jersey, from where each of them hails. […]6/28/2014 – 8:21am