Light a Candle for the Kids . . .

I woke up with the power out – not really something to shout about . . .

But, if you’ve ever lived in a trailer, it is something to worry about. There’s no water to waste in the desert anyway, and the prospect of cold pipes exploding into icy floods under your house is not a pleasant one to contemplate.

So, when you wake up shivering and groggy with the power out, your first thought might not make that much sense.

You might light a candle (for the kids) in the pathetic hope that the feeble flames will somehow warm the underside of the trailer enough to keep the waterlines from freezing.

This is a pipe dream.

The pipes won’t explode, but you will be without water all day. You’ll be fine.

Be well. Stay warm!


(P.S. Also, be careful that you don’t trip on your snowboot laces in front of the cattleguard. You will come this close to smashing your face on an ice cold metal grate, your phone and keys will fly out of your pockets into deep snow, and you will crack the plastic rim on your camera lens – the most expensive thing you own – as you land on it on the ground . . . nothing a little superglue can’t fix!) . . . (We hope) . . .

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