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Once I was a big drop of water; I spread around and became part of many living in the land . . . And in three different lands – a triptych of settings and details and lives lived in this one body – I made my way – growing, struggling, and thriving through the scenes. The […]

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America the Beautiful

America is a beautiful and complex land. Every day, I am grateful for this place, this country of mountains, craggy and curved; beaches, windy and blue; roads, long and winding; homes, simple and stoic; fires, hot and cheerful in summer. Those of us fortunate enough to have criss-crossed this wide country many times on long […]

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Things New, Yellow

I know it is fall here because now I have to wear pants when I take the dogs out first thing in the bright, yellow morning. We walk around in the new morning groggily – the intense, gold light quickly burning off the haze of blankets, snores, darkness – the puppies circling my legs and […]

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Balloon Fiesta – Olé!

On the final Saturday of the Balloon Fiesta, I got up at the ungodly hour of 3a to make strong coffee, stare groggily into the mirror for ten minutes before realizing I was, in fact, awake, and throw on layer after layer of warm clothes in order to go out into the cold, wet pre-dawn […]

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Balloon Fiesta – From Sandia Crest

The first weekend of Balloon Fiesta, I went up Sandia Crest in the freezing dawn to photograph the balloons lighting up almost a mile below. As the sunrise spread up over the mountain, the darkness and shadow of the peak slowly receded, lighting up first the edge of the city and then the balloons. In […]

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