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America the Beautiful

America is a beautiful and complex land. Every day, I am grateful for this place, this country of mountains, craggy and curved; beaches, windy and blue; roads, long and winding; homes, simple and stoic; fires, hot and cheerful in summer. Those of us fortunate enough to have criss-crossed this wide country many times on long […]

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Joshua Tree, Black and White

Be well. – SAWK  

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Joshua Tree

Once upon a time, many moons ago (actually only about one-and-a-half moons ago), I went to Camp Mighty¬†and came home through southern California, detouring through Joshua Tree National Park. I hadn’t been there since I was ten or eleven. It’s still cool. Be well. – SAWK

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A Mighty Post, in Theme and in Length

Did you ever pack a bunch of silver, chrome, and neon articles of clothing into a suitcase, then get in the car and drive 12 hours through the middle of a rocky desert only to descend upon a hot tub full of 100 people you have never met but are instantly friends with? – And […]

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Albumus Morbus*

You may know it as “the listing disease.” I have contracted it. It comes as a common side effect to making a life list¬†and attending Camp Mighty, or from being an innately organized, point-driven person. (See counteractive example of Desk at Work, which is host to myriad bullet points written on scraps in a post-it […]

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