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Once I was a big drop of water; I spread around and became part of many living in the land . . . And in three different lands – a triptych of settings and details and lives lived in this one body – I made my way – growing, struggling, and thriving through the scenes. The […]

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America the Beautiful

America is a beautiful and complex land. Every day, I am grateful for this place, this country of mountains, craggy and curved; beaches, windy and blue; roads, long and winding; homes, simple and stoic; fires, hot and cheerful in summer. Those of us fortunate enough to have criss-crossed this wide country many times on long […]

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Sisters, Puppies, Rain, Sunshine

Those four words sum up things around here of late – in the best possible way. The weather today blew fall towards us by cool breezes that would be cold if not for bright sunshine and patches of yellow leaves. The weather today was so beautiful it made me almost want to cry for the […]

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–  While volunteering at your local recycling drop-off center (next to the Mining Museum), and sorting through all the plastic bottles left by those who couldn’t come during manned hours, it is quite a bummer to realize that 1) the small, clear, and greenish #4 phial in your hand is not recyclable at this location, and […]

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. . . No matter how many times I’ve walked or run or hiked the 3.3 miles of the loop road in San Fidel, there is always something new I discover. Yesterday, I took the dogs up the east side of the loop (less populated, more wild, and with a better view of the mountain […]

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