“Sun Risin’ . . .

. . . over my head in the morning window.”

(Sunrise on Thursday.

I didn’t think it would be so enigmatic because when I first looked out the east windows, everything was cloudy, grey, and speechless. And then it spoke! . . . And that little school is St. Joseph’s, where I work and where the kids are so funny that yesterday I cried laughing and got a stomach cramp.)

Be well. – SAWK

SAWK That is too funny! I am glad you liked it. Keep checking back. I am sending yours to my sister and other writer stock.10/17/2011 – 1:54pm

David Sarah,

Even though I ought to be working at looking for work, I sat here and looked at all your photos because it was such a pleasure to see them. I really like the desert photos especially. And I loved your description of getting caught in a storm, running for a house. Nice writing.

David10/17/2011 – 7:56am

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