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Megan+Mike at Hickory Run

Theeeeeese cats are getting married tomorrow! Last October, we went out to Hickory Run State Park to take their engagement photos, and all we did was cackle, trip, marvel at the explosion of fall colors, and try not to smash our brains on the rocks. It was lovely! Congrats, you two. I expect a rager. […]

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Life is always and obviously full of changes – both planned and unplanned – and at almost 30, I feel like mine has been undulating with upheaval for the last five years especially. It feels strange to turn and face it to find I moved to New Mexico, lived in a trailer in the desert, […]

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Dana + Jamil

Dana and Jamil were married last month out in New Jersey, from where each of them hails. Sometimes it is funny to imagine two people – lives disparate, unmet, going about the business that leads them to grow separately into the same kind of good and kind person, caring about others, learning things, turning to social […]

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Dana and Jamil

Dana is someone whose laughter is an infectious outburst of raucous zeal, whose heart is kind and wide and enthusiastic, whose curls and life are everywhere. Jamil is her perfect foil, sending serious, simmering talks into boiling roiling giggles, centering her in his big embrace. The three of us went up to the High Line […]

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Matt + Katie

The first time I met Matt and Katie, we were at my dear Bear’s house for a potluck, and they cheerily blew up the stairs and into the tiny apartment with a supremely delicious dish of mac-and-cheese. From those first hellos and handshakes, it was only a short time before I stood in a black box […]

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