As Luck Would Have It

I always feel so lucky and surprised to meet and grow to know the people that I meet. And Jackson, Suzanna, and Adam are no exception.

We met first when I photographed Jackson last November as a chubby, twinkle-eyed little acorn that scooted around on his butt and screamed with delight at the sight of the vacuum or a coffee cup.

Flash forward through seven months of afternoons banging on pots and pans, guzzling giant smoothies, reading countless books at bedtimes, and Thursday nights spent shuffling up and down the hallway because “Go go go!”, and you will have an accurate picture of the bright moments I spent nannying for this awesome family.

From the start, we had so much in common – Adam’s central PA roots and friends who went to Juniata; Suzanna’s down-to-earthness and southeastern PA upbringing (the fodder for many great conversations that made her late while she got ready to go out and I stuffed carrots and blueberries into her baby); Jackson’s deep appreciation for kitchen appliances – I meshed with them all.

And now they’re gone! – moved back to PA, where I hope life is awesome for them – but before they left, we took some last Brooklyn family photos at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden¬†while the azaleas were in bloom and the koi were especially hungry for Cheerios.

Be well, guys! I miss you and hope to see you soon!

– Sarah