Life is always and obviously full of changes – both planned and unplanned – and at almost 30, I feel like mine has been undulating with upheaval for the last five years especially. It feels strange to turn and face it to find I moved to New Mexico, lived in a trailer in the desert, acquired two puppies, left New Mexico, moved to Brooklyn, lived in a one-bedroom apartment always full of someone sleeping in the living room, and have been here going on two years . . . What! When!

There is one constant in this world, and it is change. And that Google knows everything. And that ice cream is delicious. And that crying from laughing is nearly Nirvana achieved. Those things never change either.

But some things do. Like locations. And tastes. And people. And puppies with grey chin hairs, or owners with grey head hairs, and some peoples’ newfound love of raisins. They all change. And websites change, too.

It’s been a long time coming, but I have a new one! Henceforth, my portfolio site will be at the somewhat strange and the blog address will be  . . .

There will be much more new content as I update documentary galleries in the coming weeks, so keep your lovely, twinkling eyes peeled.

And if you’ve five minutes between meetings today, take a gander over your afternoon break (if it doesn’t warrant too many ch-ch-changes to your schedule.)

Be so well!

Love, SAW