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Life is always and obviously full of changes – both planned and unplanned – and at almost 30, I feel like mine has been undulating with upheaval for the last five years especially. It feels strange to turn and face it to find I moved to New Mexico, lived in a trailer in the desert, […]

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Over a month since my last post! . . . Days have been brimming with laughing kids who change faster than the seasons, orange sunsets that darken with the clouds, good food and too much of it, elk sightings, playing and running jacket-less in cold air, merry-go-rounds, sleepy puppies, sleepy babies, naps, crying, and maybe […]

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Things New, Yellow

I know it is fall here because now I have to wear pants when I take the dogs out first thing in the bright, yellow morning. We walk around in the new morning groggily – the intense, gold light quickly burning off the haze of blankets, snores, darkness – the puppies circling my legs and […]

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