New Year’s Eve – 2014

For the life of me, I can’t seem to think of anything astute or compelling, tidy or encapsulating, to say about the twelve quick months that made up 2014.

It happened.

It was a big year.

We kissed and it knocked me about and then I turned 30 and we hugged and it was over.

As for the last 24 hours, though – I can account for all of them. And – truly – they were some of the best in the entire year. Each minute seemed plump and sizzling, chock full of merriment. Friends and flares, fresh shaves and shafts of sunlight, wizard hikes and shivering giggles, vats of spicy Bloody Marys and crockpots full of food, ridiculous slow motion dance parties and laughing as hard as is humanly possible . . . New Year’s Eve, you were all this and more! – moments galore! – and were spent with some of the bodies in this world that are dearer to me than my own.

It is a beautiful world; it was a rough and gorgeous year. An eye-opening one. A year rent with loss and ache, yet enviable gratitude, too.

Looking back through the rearview mirror, I can still see its hills and valleys, its bumps and detours, its mind-blowing vistas and open highway, but how can I describe them? . . .

I salute you, 2014. Upwards and onwards.

Be well, babies. Je vous aime.


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