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Every moment is about a dollar, and – depending on how you view each instant – is quite an expensive memory or a passing, priceless second caught in the act of happening. Summer and fall are over now, and – so very nearly is the year, but see? – I have this fattened deck of […]

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New Year’s Eve – 2014

For the life of me, I can’t seem to think of anything astute or compelling, tidy or encapsulating, to say about the twelve quick months that made up 2014. It happened. It was a big year. We kissed and it knocked me about and then I turned 30 and we hugged and it was over. As […]

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It’s 2014 now. It was projected by some that it would be very good, a strong year, steadfast, even keel, full of hard work and steady habits – and hopefully this proves to be so. We’re 17 days in, and – already – it is a doozy.  The 405 hours and 40 minutes that I’ve […]

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Matt + Katie

The first time I met Matt and Katie, we were at my dear Bear’s house for a potluck, and they cheerily blew up the stairs and into the tiny apartment with a supremely delicious dish of mac-and-cheese. From those first hellos and handshakes, it was only a short time before I stood in a black box […]

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Celebration of Simplicity

Written this morning to a friend – on another rain day – while countless thousands of drops fell and puddled over breakfast. There is something about the rain that makes it easy to prattle to you, something about the steady, falling drips that lead me to stillness and contemplation – a pause from a quiet […]

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