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America the Beautiful

America is a beautiful and complex land. Every day, I am grateful for this place, this country of mountains, craggy and curved; beaches, windy and blue; roads, long and winding; homes, simple and stoic; fires, hot and cheerful in summer. Those of us fortunate enough to have criss-crossed this wide country many times on long […]

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One of my most favorite and most regular of regulars at La Ventana┬áhas a ranch northwest and not far from Grants. It is gorgeous there – wide expanses, Mount Taylor in view, with giant, old cottonwoods to protect house and home – and he, his family, and all his cowboy friends (all also regulars at […]

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Some of the Neighbors

There are tiny, fragrant yellow flowers blooming on bushes along the road I’ve walked a hundred times. In the strong, spring wind they bustle about, and their scent – something like jasmine and lilac combined, but more pungent, punched with desert – intoxicates you until there is only summer and mountain crests and the sound […]

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Mum of Late

But here are some photos from drives and swims and walks and windy, lazy Sundays. Be well. – SAWK

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