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Once I was a big drop of water; I spread around and became part of many living in the land . . . And in three different lands – a triptych of settings and details and lives lived in this one body¬†– I made my way – growing, struggling, and thriving through the scenes. The […]

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America the Beautiful

America is a beautiful and complex land. Every day, I am grateful for this place, this country of mountains, craggy and curved; beaches, windy and blue; roads, long and winding; homes, simple and stoic; fires, hot and cheerful in summer. Those of us fortunate enough to have criss-crossed this wide country many times on long […]

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A string of July days – precisely 15 of them – have blown by with the help of hot, summer sun sliding across deep blue, clouds that bring rain and clouds that don’t, hours at work, hours at home, hours with seltzer water, chatter, and wine. Why so fast, Summer? If your lengthy days weren’t […]

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I Can Say that I’ve Lived Here

When you live alone in a lonely place, you start to notice things. Each of these things is quiet, and – like with you and everything else that breathes and doesn’t – the wind rushes through and around them. All goes slow or still. Dusklight – the only shadowy movement in the bedroom – crossing […]

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The friends of my friends are my friends and are visiting, and we connect and talk and eat and grow and walk and sing and crochet in sunlight . . . . . . You recognize good souls when your heart is instantly at ease, they praise your burned, gelatinous blob of brown rice, and […]

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