Huntingdon Diary: July 26-27, 2016

Do you ever explore a place you already know well, peep its secrets, reacquaint yourself with its corners and alleys?

From my dining room table, I noticed a vibrant orange glow illuminating the windowpanes and rim around the air conditioner. From the deck, we spied an electric sunset.

Yesterday morning, Boon and I walked the west side of Huntingdon while the swaths of first sunlight were still freshly spilled. Already hot, we skipped between pools of untouched morning darkness to still our sweaty panting until we ran out of time and had to (admittedly) rush to work.

. . . The draw of documentary photography, I think, is elevating the mundane, everyday, white noise details of our lives into celebrated abstraction: an instant, a splash of shadow, something same-old-same-old viewed beautifully anew.

Keep noticing, preciouses. Je vous aime tout.

– SAWdust and the ‘yote

clark day I like the concept of elevating the everyday into art. We see so many things every day over and over again without ever really seeing them. They are emcompassed in the blur of a moving world. It’s not until they are encapsulated in the context of a frozen fraction of a second that they are truly appreciated for what they are–art.11/26/2016 – 11:29am