Matt + Katie

The first time I met Matt and Katie, we were at my dear Bear’s┬áhouse for a potluck, and they cheerily blew up the stairs and into the tiny apartment with a supremely delicious dish of mac-and-cheese.

From those first hellos and handshakes, it was only a short time before I stood in a black box theater in Rehoboth, Delaware, laden with cameras and equipment, watching them kiss and laugh as husband and wife.

They are delightful, and so was their wedding. I wish I could shoot events like it every weekend – full of happiness, love, and happy faces I love, stuffed with barbecue and dancing under perfect lighting.

Some photos by the illustrious Doctor DBB, who was my solid second shooter and whom I paid in delectable shrimps, at his request.

Be well, my pets. I am confident your two rad, beautiful selves will have equally rad, beautiful babies.

Huzzah, and congratulations Matt and Katie!

Love, Coon