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NZ 2017 – Aoraki to Cromwell

Third day. Hearty breakfast with lamb sausage. Rain. We hiked the Hooker Valley Track, took the steep steps up the overlook to the Tasman Glacier, and skipped out to Kea Point. There, we first heard – then saw with awe – the glaciers groan and quake on the mountain face in front of us, spewing […]

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From the Road – 2/12 to 3/12/2015

Like every other person’s before and after mine, my life is a complex mess of zigzagged paths of moments, shimmering and reverberating against each other like currents in the live wires that vector the landscape along the many highways I’m always driving. The magnitude and direction of each point in my life trails and webs together with […]

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Many Miles Away

In New Mexico, the space is vast and quiet, a place where echoes have left their voices to the louder sounds of wind and air. In New York, many miles away, the space is vast and loud, a place where echoes live healthy, raucous lives amidst car honks and buskers, voices with accents and foreign […]

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Light a Candle for the Kids . . .

I woke up with the power out – not really something to shout about . . . But, if you’ve ever lived in a trailer, it is something to worry about. There’s no water to waste in the desert anyway, and the prospect of cold pipes exploding into icy floods under your house is not a pleasant […]

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And the Home Got Snowed In . . .

A week ago Monday, we had a snow day accompanied by frigid temperatures that made even the dogs despair of going outside. Escaping the trailer, I hiked up the loop in San Fidel in my snowboots, the anklet of berries (ghost beads) on my left foot digging painfully deep until my walking twisted them around […]

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